Saturday, January 10, 2009

Girls Night

So today we all met at the AMC in Regency for a girls day. We all needed a break from our busy lives and what better way than to just have some girl time! We seen Bride Wars and I must say I really liked it(and I'm sure the guys will be thanking us for not asking them to go see it). There we're a few of us who were in tears at the end. After a quick bathroom break, off to Olive Garden we went.... and the main topic of discussion... Twlight. I haven't seen the movie or read the books but I have to say I will be watching it soon and plan on reading the books too.
The girls

Me and Brittany

Paige and Christina

Tracy and Autumn

Kim and Pam

After finishing dinner we all broke off our separate ways. A group of us ended up heading to Hobby Lobby to see what Christmas items they still had left and ended up playing around in the store a little bit before checking out.

Paige, Christina, Brittany and me

Paige and Brittany

Christina and me

Me and Brittany

Goofin' off :) Can't take us any where!!

At this point it was around 7pm. We then decided to head back to Brittany's house, I called Dean and asked if him and Zane wanted to meet us there and him and Micheal could hang out while we still hung out. Once Dean and Zane got there we took Zane while they went and grabbed some dinner. Then they decided that they were going to go hunt Wabbits, lol, and they killed 9!!! We (the girls) ended up playing progressive rummy till almost 1am!!! It was get a little competitive there at the end... but it was SOOO much fun!!

Playin' some progressive rummy

Dean going to hunt Wabbits

Zane getting in on the game

I think this is going to have to be a monthly thing. It was so nice to get some much needed time away. I love Zane to dead and for the life of me would never give him back, but I still need some mommy time every once in a while! So those who couldn't make it or didn't want to go... you really missed out on a great time!! You'll have to go with us next month!!!!


Darlene said...

it sounds like you guys had a blast. Mommy time? What is that? With Web gone I get hardly NO time to myself.

Funny, Adrienne and I were at the AMC theatres too, AND went to HL as well, we must have just missed each

Kate & Gabe said...

Looks like a fun night! Oh, and I LOVE Twilight!!! You should definitely read the books...amazing!

GeekieChick said...

Sounds like so much FUN!! Glad you guys had a good time!

Definitely read the Twilight books!! I loved them. I read them when the movie came out. LOVED the books. The movie wasn't as good as the book, as far as I'm concerned, but I'm sure there are others who would disagree. ;)

AmyT said...

looks like a fun night - it's nice to do that every now and again!! I haven't seen or read twlight yet either, but I sooo want to!!!! I've heard very good things about it/them!!