Monday, January 19, 2009

Zane's 2 months old!

I still can't believe my little man is already 2 months! Today we took him for his 2 month check up. He weighed 12lbs and 14oz... and was 24 inches long!!! He's getting big quick. He's in the 75 percentile for his age in weight and height. He had to get his first shot today and lets just say it was a good thing Dean was there. He wouldn't let me walk out of the room till it was all said and done... he made me stay. Zane did really good on the first one... then the second he looked at Dean and started screaming... Dean said he looked like he was telling him something getting me!! Pick me up. Well by the third shot I had HUGE tears in my eyes and well by the fourth and final... I was balling. I fell so bad for him. He wouldn't really settle down for Dean and I wanted to hold him anyways... he looked so pitiful. He settled down not to much longer after I got him. By the time we had made it to check out desk, you wouldn't know that he had shots... unless you looked at me. :) Anyways.... here are a couple of pics from today.....

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