Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Zane's giraffe

As most of you know we painted Zane's room to match his bedding. His room is a complete rain forest from wall to wall. Well he has this giraffe that is beside him when he lays on his changing table. He absolutely LOVES this giraffe. He can be screaming and you go in his room and lay him on his changing table and his screaming little face turns all smiles and giggles. So tonight he wouldn't eat his bottle.... Dean took him into his room and showed him the giraffe... instant smiles :) So then he realized that we had a stuffed giraffe and took it into the living room with him and held it against the bottom of the bottle and Zane was happy to eat his bottle... It was just so cute... here is a pic of the giraffe in his room, of Dean feeding Zane with the giraffe, and then after eating.


Amy Haddock said...

That is so cute! You'll never be able to leave the house without the giraffe! Caleb had a lion that he still sleeps with every night - we finally get to leave lion at home though! Ava is already attached to a fluffy cat and we take it everywhere!

Darlene said...

how cute is that! His room is so wonderful, btw. Adrienne loves giraffes, too.