Saturday, May 16, 2009

6 Month Sneak #2

Ok.. so tonight Dean tried out his handy work with the camera... and after some coaching and him just snapping like a poperotzy... lol! this is what we have... funny faces, drool and all!

I love them!! Thank you hunny!

ok... Mommy's back in charge.. lol!

This is what Dean does when I ask him to help get Zane's attention and to help get him to smile...

and Zane thinks he's just as weird as I do, lol!

And some of Bailey... she actually sat there! lol!


Mary Beth said...

What a handsome young man and your pictures are wonderful. : )

Jenn said...

They all look great Jamie!

The Libby's said...

These are sweet!

AmyT said...

pics turned out great!!!!