Friday, May 8, 2009

Early Mother's Day

So today I did some more errands an normal. Candy met me up at the VW dealership so that I could drop off my car for it's oil change and hang out with her and Gavin instead of having to wait with Zane in the dealer while they did everything.

We ended up going to Old Navy and doing some shopping.. well I didn't do any shopping till someone threw-up on me 3 times in the middle of the store (lol, that old navy has a few clean spots on the floor from us!) So after considering how he's been acting and running fevers on and off for about 2 weeks (and calling the doctor 2 nights ago from a 101.7 fever) I decided that the throwing up was the last straw... so I called the ped so that I could get him seen that afternoon. Then we headed off for some lunch before heading back to pick up the car and head to the doctor.

We get to the doctor and I explain everything that has been going on the last 2 weeks and that I just wanted them to look him over for my sanity. I believed it was just teething but with all the bugs going around I wanted to double check... not to mention I didn't want to get anyone else's kids sick! So the doctor looked him over and thought that it could be a combo of the teething and a bug or just one of them. She decided to go ahead and do some quick blood work to look at his cells to rule out the bug so that I would have peace of mind and that we could not really worry about the on and off fever. Results came back and it just teething! Yeah.. no sick baby!

So then I headed off the the grocery store and stopped by Brittany's to pay a quick visit. Once I left Brittany's I gave Dean a call to see where he was at... he was home! it was only 5:40... he's never home till at least 5:50 and I knew he was going to get me something for mother's day after work. He had gotten off work early to get me something and get home early to surprise me... how sweet is that!?!?! Too bad I wasn't there. Here's a pick of what I came home to though....


Zane's card...

A guy needs a mom- know what I mean?

To make sure that he's fed
and his underwear's clean.

To keep him from eatin' just junk till he's fat.
To keep him from leavin' the house dressed like that.

To help him appreciate opera, the arts.
To send him to school so he winds up with smarts.

Yes, a guy meeds a mom like a bee needs a clover
to raise him up right till his wife takes over.

And on that glad day, she can finally rest....
A guy needs a mom, and I have the best!

Happy Mother's Day from your grateful son


Dean's card.....

A terrific WIFE and MOM like you deserves more than just ONE Mother's Day card.... this year, you're getting them all!

A Mushy One->
On Mother's Day, I want to hug you and kiss you and squeeze you...
...just like every other day!

A Funny One->
On Mother's Day, I want to whisper those three little words you're longing to hear...
Let's Eat Out!

A Cute One->
Think of this little card... a great big Mother's Day hug!

And THE BEST ONE for last->
Mother's Day gives me a chance to say some things I don't say often enough...
I love you and I'm so glad you're my WIFE!


Isn't he the greatest!?!!? We then got ready to head out to Red Lobster for Mother's Day dinner... mmm mmm Crab Legs! lol! Little man actually slept the entire time we were there! Thank goodness they gave us a booth... he slept in the booth on his high chair cover. Anyways! Thank you hubby for a beginning to what I'm sure will be a wonderful Mother's Day!!

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Abbi said...

aw..i hope zane feels better soon! it's terrible when they're sick!

what a sweet hubby!
the cards were great!
happy mother's day!