Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Today marks Zane's 1/2 birthday!! I know most don't celebrate 1/2 birthdays.. but.. well we DO! lol! So today we went out (in total crappy weather) and printed a pic to put in the westside journal and then found out that the deadline for the paper is now on MONDAYS! ....got a cake and found a new toy...

UPS brought Zane his "Your Baby Can Read" in the mail today (Thank you Grandpa!!)... can't wait to see how this works...

So when we got home today I took even more pics of Zane... I know, I know.. but I had a couple more ideas that I wanted to do :) The first set were the naked baby set.. you know.. the ones you black male them with later, lol! And then well you'll see :)

And what would a 1/2 birthday be without cake?!?!? Although he didn't eat any (except for the little bit I gave him), he sure had a fun time playing in it! And when daddy tried to clean him up... well he just wasn't done, lol!

Then we HAD to take a bath to get him clean... he was having a splashin' good time so we let him stay in till he was wrinkled, lol!

Then it was time for a little playtime before bed :)

Little Man..

You are growing way too quickly for me... but I'm glad that I get to spend every minute of your growing with you. You've changed so much since we first met. You are just a little ball of fire! And learning so much so quickly. You are such a happy little baby and I feel so blessed about that... don't get me wrong you have your moments! I love you more and more each passing day. Can't wait to see just how much more you'll change in the next 6 months!

Happy 1/2 Birthday my Little Man!!! I Love You Very Much!!!


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Kate & Gabe said...

Soooo cute! Halfy Birthday Zane!