Friday, December 11, 2009

1 year check up

So we're a little late on Zane's one year check up but here it is... he's 26.5 lbs (90%) and 32 inches (95%). I thought the doctor was going to fall over when he asked if he was talking... saying at least 2-3 words.. like momma and daddy... and my response was.. well last we counted he was up to about 30 words! lol.. The look on his face was priceless!! He then asked me to name some of what he was saying.. and when I said a couple of double words.. like good girl (he says that A LOT to Bailey! lol) he stopped me and asked.. so he's putting words together. I simply said yes.. and then asked why. I was then informed that he was way ahead of himself and that my 1 yr old has a little above a 2 yr old vocabulary!! Then it was my turn to fall out of my seat! I thought it was normal for kids to talk this much at this age! Guess the "Your Baby Can Read" and flashcards are paying off, lol! Anyways... as everyone knows he's most certainly on the move now... and once you let him down there is NO picking him up. He's just as fun as ever.. Filling each and every day with something new and fun. He's such a little sponge and actually repeating a lot of what we say and do (having to watch what we say VERY closely now, lol) He did GREAT as usually with his shots.. he's no sissy like his momma!

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