Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!!


I can't believe Christmas got here so quick this year! But I'm super excited too!!

We started our morning at my dad's since he had lunch plans....
We all got too much... Dad got Dean and I some picture frames (30 to be exact!) and some clothes. Zane got some clothes, a drum and a WAGON!! Now my dad is SUPER hard to shop for.. we usually get him a gift card to Sears so he can just get what he wants, well this year I decided to be brave.. we got him a John Deere calendar for 2010 (since he never got one for 2009) and then a emergency kit (that had EVERYTHING!) for his car. Thank you Grandpa!!!

Next we opened gifts at our house... Santa brought Zane some really GREAT things! Zane got some more clothes, coloring books and crayons, a guitar, a soccer ball and net, remote control car, a shape box thing, a toy cell phone, a alphabet puzzle, a 4-WHEELER! and a SWING SET!! Bailey and Watson got some toys and treats. Mommy and Daddy's gift is coming in a couple of days.. a WII!!!!! lol!

Next stop was Dean's moms... but before we left Dean had asked Zane a couple of times if he was ready to go see Granny, Aunt Kim and Grandma.. and now you know he had to say Granny and Grandma today :) (Now poor Grandpa is the only one out of the mix!) some how didn't get ANY pics! (oops!) Dean and I got a gift card and Zane got a little Musical Snowman... the kids LOVES those things!! Thanks you Granny!!!

Then off to Grandma's house we went. We had an AWESOME dinner with family and then fun opening gifts! Zane got some great stuff over there too!! All the kids did! Thanks you guys!! Oh.. and as if saying Granny and Grandma weren't enough... Zane walked up to Hannah tonight.. pointed at her and said "Hannah" :) Have I said how much I love this little boy?!?!

We had a Wonderful Christmas!! Hope everyone else's was Great as well!

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