Friday, August 13, 2010

A little catching up....

Not too much has been going on here. I've been looking back into school and trying to figure out what route to take. That's been a task in it's self. The original plan was to go for sonography... but I would have to attend Mayo or St Vincent's school and they only except a VERY limited amount of people and I would be able to attend anyways since I have Zane during the day. So after thinking quite hard about everything I've decided to go back to FSCJ and finish up my AA {2 classes to go!!} and then go for my BA in Elementary Education. I won't be able to attend this fall term because well.. I waited a bit to long to finally make up my mind, lol, and the 2 classes I need start on session A and not session B... so Jan I'll be back in school! :)

We're getting ready for things to start picking back up around here... we've already got 4 Disney trips planned {and I'm sure there'll be more than that in there}, a lake trip for Dean's b-day, Swim lessons for Zane {yeh, I know I'm starting those a bit late, lol}, B-day parties galore!, Family pics {at a very awesome place!}, the fair will be here before we know it.... I've got several Senior, Family and Weddings coming up in the next few months.... just LOTS of stuff going on

The last couple of days Zane and I have just hung out around the house... getting some rest before the chaos begins, lol! We both got our hair cut {and ofcourse I completely changed mine up} this week... something we both were in need of! I FINALLY managed to get the whole house almost completely cleaned... WHILE Zane was up, haha, I should get a medal for that one!! I'm actually looking at the pre k curriculum and I think I'm going to pick some stuff off it and start working with Zane on some stuff... we've been slacking on that here the past few months and I think it's time we start back on it :)

I think that's about it for right now.... Hope everyone's doing great!!

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