Monday, August 16, 2010


Kim has 3 days off and asked if we wanted to join her at Disney for a few... and of course we're not going to turn down Disney!! {esp since I'm going through with drawls! ha!}

We left decently early this morning and headed down... listening of course to Disney movies the WHOLE way! ;) Made a stop at Target for some breakfast and lunch stuff and of course some snacks for the next couple of days...

Once we got to the hotel little man was so tired that we decided it might be best if he took a nap before we hit up Disney. Once nap time was over we ate a little bit and then we were off to see Mickey {though some how we didn't manage to fit him in, lol}

Zane had his first roller coaster ride this time around. He was too funny in line with "Oooooooo" "I ride?!?!" "FUN!!" "go ride!!" and much more... but when it was time for us to ride he was a bit unsure, lol! Then once we were off the ride he says "Wooo Hoooo!! I ride again?!?!" The child is too funny!!

Then we were off for some of the other fun Disney rides before watching the fireworks {which little man fell asleep in the middle of} and heading back to our room.

And I have a bit of a funny story about an event that took place in our room, lol. Weak stomachs beware... mommies you have no worries, lol. Kim decided to go ahead and give Zane his bath... well she gets him undressed and takes his diaper off and a wad of poop falls out, bahaha, and of course Zane proceeds to just jump in the tub.. and then we look at him and he's swimming in poop, just lovely!!! So we get him out, get him and the tub cleaned up and then go round two on the bath, lol! It was certainly a bath time to remember!

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