Sunday, August 1, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

This weekend was pretty packed to say the least. Sat morning Dean went in for overtime and actually got off a little early... then we headed out to the river with friends for a while and Zane actually asked to go ride with Dean behind the boat... then pitched a fit when we put him back in the boat saying... "NO NO NO!! GO RIDE!! GO RIDE!! and of course Dean was LOVIN' that! lol! Then we headed home to get ready for a family dinner... Dean's great aunt and uncle were in from out of town.... and we had a great time! Then Sunday we got up extra early and headed back to Dean's aunt and uncle's house so that we could give our puppy Bella to Dean's great uncle and aunt to take back to NC with them to her new home.... And then I cried the rest of the day... well cleaned a lot so that I wouldn't think about her... and cried in between, lol! :(

{Bella's new mommy and I are now friends on fb and I'm happy to say that she seems to be adjusting very well... and is being loved on :) She def seems to have transitioned very well}

Oh... and here is a pic that I took Sunday while heading to WD... this was just about 10 min before the bottom fell out...

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