Sunday, August 15, 2010

weekend wrap up

We had a lot of fun this weekend {another low key one, can't beat that!}

Saturday Dean worked in the morning... he actually called at 10 and woke me up.. Zane slept till 10:45!!! Can't explain just how thankful I was about that! lol! Then we got ready and headed out in the boat with some friends. We actually were hit or miss in the rain today.. but hey, we were in the boat... we're guaranteed to get wet anyways, right!?!? lol! I actually got out with Zane on the knee board... which didn't last long because all he wanted to do was swim. So he got back in the boat with Dean while I knee boarded for a little bit {and man did I forget about how hard that was!!} then I decided to strap on the wakeboard for a bit. We had an absolutely wonderful time! We got home about 5ish and ate dinner and Zane wanted to got to bed so he actually laid down at 5:30 and I thought it would be just a 2 hour nap... nope he stayed there ALL night!! Dean and I actually went to bed a bit early too... 8!! but then we were both up at midnight for a while, lol!

Sunday was certainly as laided back as it gets... Zane and I spent all day at home. Dean went out about noon for a wakeboard lesson while Zane and I spent some time playing. I was suppose to have an afternoon session which of course was rained out and rescheduled :( I did however get some packing done for our Disney trip that we're leaving for in the morning!!! YAY!!!

{and a FUNNY story about Dean's wakeboard session} I get a call about 30 min prior to Dean's lesson starting saying that I need to hurry up and bring him some new board shorts to the ramp.. so I hurried and grabbed another pair, grabbed Zane and headed down to the ramp... I got there about 10 min before his session to find him wrapped in my pink zebra towel because the crotch of his board shorts blow out!! bahahaha!!! talking about funny... that one's going to be hard to beat!! ha! Sorry Dean! ;)

Over all a great weekend!

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