Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend consisted of LOTS of home improvement!

Friday Dean was gone most of the day for jury duty and then spent pretty much the rest of the day playing with Zane... with the exception of laying the subfloor in the bathroom and building the shelving for the hall closet.

Saturday... LOTS of tile work today... Dean got the floor layed and the shower pulled apart. I painted a little on Peyton's walls to bring some color to one side of her room... can't wait to get everything and finish it all up, lol! We ended up being one tile short for the floor and needed to run in and ended up doing dinner with my dad and Mrs Bennett at Texas Roadhouse... and boy was it good! I ate WAY too much! After dinner we headed to home depot to get the tile we needed and ended up leaving with paint for outside too, lol!

Sunday... we had such a late night that Zane and I ended up sleeping in and we ended up missing church {not to mention we forgot about turning our clocks ahead! oops!} Dean tiled and grouted the shower.. finished the floor and we got the hall closet finished up too... SO much got done this weekend...

Here's a pic of the painting on Peyton's wall... it matches her bedding :)

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