Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little closer....

It was certainly an interesting weekend at our house. I started having contractions Thursday night about every 3-5 min for about 2 hours and then they faded... though they would return every few hours and stay for a while. Dean stayed home since I was hurting and hadn't got much rest.

Sat I was feeling better but still having contractions. Dean was doing a tile job so it was just Zane and I home. We were suppose to go to Miss Hannah's bday party but with me having contractions {though only Braxton Hicks} I thought it would be best to stay off my feet instead of making things worse or something happen while I was driving.. who knows! Dean didn't get home till late.. Zane was already in bed.. and I was pooped...

Sunday we all slept in till about 10:30!! So needless to say we missed church yet again. Dean's mom watched Zane while he finished up the tile job next door and I took some time to do absolutely NOTHING, though all I thought about the whole time was cleaning, lol! Dean called me when he was about done and I got ready and got us some dinner and headed to his moms house. Zane and Granny were having fun playing in the yard with his wagon. Dean finished up the tile, we hung around with everyone, ate dinner and headed home.

{Playing with Granny before heading home}

I've had really really bad indigestion with this pregnancy.. but never to the point that it's made me sick.. till about midnight Sunday. I had told Dean right after we had gotten home that I wasn't feeling good. I didn't think anything about taking Zantac because I thought I was out so I just started eating tums, lol! Well by about 11:30 Dean discovered that I did have some which I took... and it did me NO good :( By midnight I started my friendship with John. I swear I have thrown up more this pregnancy than in my entire life! Needless to say from midnight to about 6:30 I didn't sleep and neither did Dean. Dean ended up staying home again since I was still sick about the time he would be leaving for work. I can't explain how grateful I am to have Dean.. no matter what he's ALWAYS there for Zane and I... I know that it's rare to find someone like that these days.. he ALWAYS puts us FIRST and doesn't think twice about it.

By Monday night I was feeling a little bit better though my nausea was still on and off... but I got a FULL night sleep... no Zane waking up in the middle of the night because he wanted his blanket or lost his choo choo.. no in the middle of the night potty breaks.. a FULL night sleep!!

I got up this morning feeling pretty good, though nausea has been present through out today too. Took Zane for a hair cut from Miss Abbi.. Then we headed to Jacksonville for lunch with daddy and to finish up some shopping for our pics on Thurs... though I was pretty sure we'd end up having to re-sch for weather {which we just did, lol}. Which I have to admit though I'm completely bummed about I'm kinda happy about because it gives just a little more time to make sure I find the color shirt for Dean that I want, lol... because apparently the one I got today looks like poo. Gotta love it, lol!

{eating crackers, waiting on daddy for lunch}

Guess that about catches everything up for now... sorry for another long post.. Hope everyone is doing well!

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