Thursday, March 10, 2011


31 weeks!!! Woo hoo!! 8 weeks to go... EXACTLY! I found out today that Miss Peyton will be making her arrival a little after 7:30am on May 5! :) I'm one happy momma right now! The whole sugar deal is behind me... problem solved with the dr... I'm still 6 lbs under my pre-pregnancy weight and just can't wait for these 8 weeks to fly by! We have the bathroom project to do this weekend, along with a little more painting going on in Peyton's room and shelves in the hall closet. Then family visiting next week, followed by Miss Hannah's first bday party and a session of a friends little one the next weekend. My maternity pics and shower... then two bday parties two weekends in a row, Easter then Miss Peyton! I think the 8 weeks should go pretty fast, lol, how about you!?!?!

Oh... and this is my desert for tonight since I no longer have to stress over my sugar! {and no.. I didn't eat all of it.. Dean and Zane helped! lol!}

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