Friday, March 4, 2011

30 weeks!

I was 30 weeks yesterday {3-3-11)... but had my appt today.. and boy was it a doozie! I just need a little break please!

First I had an ultrasound of Miss Peyton... found out I no longer have a low lying placenta {which is what we were hoping for} and that she's already head down... not like her brother who stayed breech! lol! She's got LOTS of hair and they're estimating she's about 4 lbs.

Then off to see the dr. Found out I once again failed the one hour sugar test :( NOT HAPPY! I did all the research to figure out a diabetic diet.. followed it and failed worse this time {163} than I did the first time {153} when I was eating TONS of sugar!! Talk about frustrating! So then I was like ok... on to the agreement we made that I would just stick myself at home and test my sugar along with the diet they gave me. Well apparently my dr forgot about that whole conversation and agreement which in turn made me even more upset. She started pushing the 3 hour test again and I still refused {I can't begin to explain how terrified I am, really} She just wasn't listening to me and what I was trying to talk to her about which was getting me more upset... someone tell me... which is worse... my failing sugar test that technically isn't failing or stressing me out!?!?! Any ways... after going back and forth, her leaving the room for about 5 min and then coming back in to still say that I needed the 3 hour and she thought I would pass it because I wasn't really failing the one hour... to give me a script to get a kit so that I could do my sugar at home {oh, and give me orders to do the 3 hour in case I changed my mind... yeah right!!}

I was upset a good two hours after that appt... and swore that I would be changing drs.

After my appt I headed over to babies r us to get Peyton's crib and then to target to grab a couple of things too before heading home to have Dean help me put everything together :)

A profile pic of Miss Peyton from today...

Here are some pics off my cell of her crib and bedding...{promise better ones are coming}

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