Wednesday, March 2, 2011


What a week we've had! Goodness!!!

So let's see... Tues (2-22)... I started to have some anxiety about my blood drawl the following morning so I decided to take one of the pills the dr gave me... after all.. that's what they were for! I have NOTHING but night terrors ALL night about needles :/ Needless to say I didn't go the next morning for my sugar test!

Wed (2-23)... We already had made plans with Aunt Kim and Grandma to do lunch after my sugar test... so after sleeping in a bit we got up and got ready to go eat some yummy Cracker Barrel.. though this momma just had a salad since I still had to do my sugar test! We then went and played at Grandma's a little bit before heading home :)

Thurs (2-24)... I decided to suck it up and just do my sugar test this morning with Zane in tow. I took another anxiety pill about 20 min before we got there. I was actually doing great until about 20 min before my stick time and then panic set in :/ Got through the stick and then got light headed and woozy feeling. Got my stomach back and we were on our way.. or so I thought! Drove to the gas station {that wasn't even out of the parking lot!} and got so light headed and dizzy that I had to stop pumping gas and sit by the tire of my car... Got my stomach and head back, BARELY finished up, got back in the car just to move to a parking spot where I starting puking all my wonderful orange drink back... about blacked out... and ended up sitting in the parking lot with the a/c on full blast, my seat laid back and poor Zane asking "Momma, are you ok?" We sat there a good 15 min and then we started on our way home. Didn't make it too far down the road and got dizzy again having to pull off the side of the road and lay down yet again.... after about 3 times of this and not even making it half way to Callahan I decided that home just wasn't going to happen and changed plans to just make it to Dean's moms. Once I got there {after SEVERAL pull overs} I called Dean at work and told him that I needed him to come get Zane and I because I still felt like I was going to black out at any given moment. Dean got there and we headed home where I pretty much spent the remaining day in bed.

Fri (2-25) Dean had to miss work yet again today because I was up till about 6am sick :/

Sat and Sun consisted of Dean doing LOTS of yard work and Zane assisting, lol! I drove around on the EZ-Go picking up leaves while taking many inside breaks.

Mon was for the most part completely un-eventful thank goodness... and I was FINALLY starting to feel better.

Tues(3-1).. WOW at Tues! We made our first ER trip with Zane. While getting ready for nap time Zane was in the living room goofing around as usual {in his socks} and slipped and fell hitting his head on his table... Gashing above his eye open :/ I didn't think it looked to bad at first... then it started swelling... and opening up. I immediately started to panic! I called my dad to have him come over and look at it and see what he thought. He agreed it was def an er visit and more than likely stitches :( So while dad watched Zane... who was happily playing by this point, lol.. I started getting ready and called Dean yet again at work to let him know I would be taking Zane to the ER. He immediately left work to meet us and go too. We sat in the ER for about 2 hours before being called back to a room... sat another hour before seeing a dr... and then yet another hour waiting for the dr to come back and do the stitches! Zane was quite the trooper to say the least! I certainly cried more than he did, lol! When they came in to do the stitches I had to leave the room... Dean stayed with him and held him and talked to him.... He cried and screamed for MOMMMA!! when they numbed him and I heard little whimpers here and there.. Dean said that when they went to start stitching he said "hear that?!?! Airplane!!" lol.. it was the exhaust fan above him. He then proceeded to tell the dr and nurse about Disney and the rides he liked, what he wanted for dinner and "I'm tough!" That's my big boy! :) Two stitches later we finally left the er and headed home. We y got home and got him to bed about 11 and he went STRAIGHT to sleep!

On the way to the er....

Waiting for stitches...

Just got home...

Wed (3-2)... I decided that after the events of yesterday that we wouldn't be leaving the house! lol! Well... once Dean was home we decided to go ahead and go grocery shopping... Zane wanted to walk and push the cart.. we decided to let him and we where doing GREAT till we got near the bakery where he knows he gets a cookie. We were getting stuff and he was helping us put it in the cart and then we started to head down the aisle... mind you he was away from the cart.. he started to run {for the cookie} and tripped over his own little feet just for his chin to meet the cart... Busting his chin open! AHHH!! Another panic moment! Dean grabbed him, looked at it and just shook his head, I then looked at it... same size gash that was above his eye!!! Really!?!? After discussing what to do we decided to just butterfly it back together since it wasn't swelling and opening up... finished up grabbing a few other things and then headed home... but not before stopping by the fire station to see what they thought... the guy there said stitches so that it wouldn't scar. :/ We then proceeded home, I mean we had to unload the car first, and decided to stop by a friends home who is also a emt. He looked at it... agreed that if we didn't want a scar we might want to go to the er... looked like about 2 stitches :/ BUT that he was with us that if it was his kid and the way the cut was that he would just butterfly it too, lol! So we went ahead home and Dean unloaded everything while Zane and I went over to dad's. Dean and dad ended up putting it all back together with screaming of course on Zane's part... poor baby... I don't think he would have done so well with a second night in a row of stitches... I know I couldn't!

This was Wed morning... it didn't look nearly as bad as I thought it might...

Needless to say... if this pattern continues I don't believe Peyton will make it till May!! I think we're going to have to invest in a bubble for this kid!!!

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Abbi said...

OH MY WORD!!!! glad he's doing ok! what a tough fella you have!