Monday, March 18, 2013


We had a blast today.  We actually got to the park as it was opening!  That was a first for us!  We did find out just how much our kids are NOT morning people however.  This when we woke Zane up.. this is what he said.. "MY EYES!!! MY EYES!!!! I CAN'T KEEP MY EYES OPEN!!!  GIVE ME MY GLASSES!!!" then he asked for his glasses.  As I was cleaning them he yells "JUST GIVE ME THEM!!!!"  haha!!  Peyton did nothing but cry this morning till we finally got some breakfast.  I decided to walk on my boot for a little while since Aunt Kim would be meeting us within a few hours and man oh man I kinda wish I had just paid the $70 for an electric wheelchair!!  After walking on it for about 3.5 hours in the park {mind you that's not counting from the time we got up this morning} I was ready to cut my foot off! haha!  So once Aunt Kim arrived we rented a wheelchair, which at Disney def has it's bonuses!  We pretty much skipped to the front of all the rides  :)  We had a blast and rode pretty much everything!  Splash mountain was closed, Space Mountain we aren't quite ready for Zane to ride and he's not to thrilled about the Stitch ride.. haha!  We ended up heading out of the park about 5 and started heading home.  Overall a GREAT day!  I was really worried it was going to be super crowded seeing that this is the month for spring break but it was actually not bad at all and the weather was PERFECT!

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