Friday, March 8, 2013

If you're gonna be Dumb, You gotta be Tough!

So plans for today started as just being cleaning up the house, shopping for Dean's party tom and then start on some cooking.  Well, then I received a call from Toys R Us that the kids swing set had arrived on the truck that morning. So while talking to Dean on his lunch break we decided that I'd go grab it so that he could start putting it together once he got home.  I got the kids and I ready to go.. loaded everyone and everything I needed up and went to go hook up our small trailer since I was in my Tahoe not Dean's truck.  Curt had left some steel on the trailer and so I decided to just clean it off so I could get going.  The first piece that I moved was actually the frame for a small trailer.  I was fine until my flip flop slipped on the grass sending my butt to the ground and making the steel bounce {literally BOUNCE} on my left foot!  I did manage to move it before it was able to land on it a second time thankfully!  It was of course instant pain!  The steel did manage to split my foot where it hit and it started to bleed fairly good.  I manage to pull myself together enough to put pressure on it and place napkins over it to stop the bleeding.  I also managed to move my truck back up to the house.  I then began to get light headed and sickly.  I ended up having to lay on the ground to even get my stomach to settle down enough to go inside and try to dr my foot temporally.  I then found at the same time that I had left my phone inside.  I first texted Dean of what happened and that I was pretty sure I had broken my foot. He on the other hand did not think I had and just thought it was more than likely badly bruised.

With no one here to watch the kids for me and me being light headed and I unloaded the kids and sat down and propped my foot up.  After talking with Dean and the fact that even with someone watching the kids I wasn't comfortable driving to and from the er alone we decided that he'd go grab the swing set once he was off and then come home and take me to the er.  {I mean.. it had already been about 3 hours at that point what would another hour do, haha!}

Once Dean finally got home we headed out to Fernandina, however, before getting to the hospital we were told about the care spot in Yulee and when we stopped we found that they actually did X-rays!  I was thrilled about not having to go to the hospital!  After about an hour it was determined with a X-ray that I had in fact broken one of the bones in my foot.  It's one of the bones around the ball of my foot.  Thankful that it's a very clean break, but apparently its in a bad spot for healing.  The plan as of now is to keep it wrapped and with a boot on, I have to find a ortho to follow me, I'm on antibiotics and meds for swelling, and looks like I'll be out of commission for 4-6 weeks.

The saddest part for me of this whole thing??  Dean's party is tom and I'm not going to be able to do everything I had planned.  I had to reschedule the couple pictures I had scheduled for Dean and I tom morning, as well as the family pictures we had scheduled for Sunday afternoon.

So.. lesson of the day??  If you're gonna be Dumb, you gotta be Tough!!  :)

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