Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our first weekend in August

Really!?!? It's August already!! WOW!

So Friday I met Dean at his mom's and we headed to meet everyone else at Mellow Mushrooms for dinner. It was GREAT! After dinner we went home and actually went to bed at a decent hour, lol!

Sat we spent a lot of time just hanging around the house. I cleaned.. Dean did stuff outside... we played with the dogs... rented a movie... played with Zane... just enjoyed a slow family day at home... here's some pics...


Daddy and Zane watching Wakeboarding Videos

Zane playing in the mirror

Sunday we went to church and ran some errands after. Rented another movie on the way home (fast and furious!!! lol!) fixed dinner together and of course played with Zane, lol! AND.. Zane's 2 top teeth finally popped through today :) Here are some pics from Sunday :) OH!!! lol.. and I finished the chicken eggs (finally!!) for Zane's party... one animal down.. three more to go! haha!

Zane playing with his cars


I was saying "Cheese" and he was mimicing my face, lol!

HAHAHA!! He's soo funny these days!!

Toothies!!! (you can some what see them... I'm having a hard time getting a pic of them, lol!)

Of all the toys he has he plays with a water bottle, lol!

kisses from daddy

All the chick eggs are DONE!!! WOO HOO!!! LOL!!

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Abbi said...

grea pics of zane!! very cute!!