Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A quick little update....

So for the past week we've been a bunch of sickies around here. Thankfully Zane doesn't seem to be sick... hopefully it stays that way... and Dean and I are still coughing and weazy.

And well... today Zane is 9 months!! 3 more months till his FIRST birthday!! That's just so hard to believe... I'm def sticking to each moment right now... I love this little boy SO VERY VERY MUCH! lol.. I seen a commercial about starting school today and started crying... I know that will be here before I realize it....Anyways... So here's a little update on little man...

Zane's had a couple of little milestones that I have failed to blog about...
....he's standing for periods of time by himself now... today you could tell he thought about letting go and trying to venture out... but decided not yet, lol!
....he's walking beside things, between toys and behind some of his walking toys.
....he's learned to give kisses when you ask for them... this was SO much fun the other night!! he sometimes will just come up to you and want you to pick him up and at that time he'll lean into you to "kiss" you.. he's so freaking cute!!
....he's learned that the balls to his one toy are made to actually go down the little round about thing (lol.. or whatever you want to call it! haha!)
....he's learned to say "no no no no no" lol.. which actually sounds like "nah nah nah nah" when he doesn't want something, or any more of something... when he doesn't want to do something.. etc. Not my favorite thing in the world.. but at the same time it's neat that he knows how to use it and is using it for those purposes... and he does sound sooo cute saying it.
...this one is totally random.. and I can't figure out where he got it from.. unless I say it and don't realize it.. but he says "car"
....he LOVES to play with his trucks!!!
....he bounces.. kinda like he's dancing
....he mocks me when I sing and dance.. and he dances too... lol... it's so stinkin funny!
....he sings to the radio! I swear, he really really does! When a song comes on and the person starts singing.. so does he.. when there are breaks in the song.. he stops.. when it starts again.. so does he! IT"S GREAT!!

I'm sure there are some that I forgot .. and I will make sure to add those later... but that's a quick little update on us and our little man.

Hope everyone is doing GREAT!!!

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