Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend #2

This weekend was our finally wakeboard comp of the year. It was at Outback Crabshack in St Aug on 6 mile creek. Pam kept Zane for us and Aunt Kim joined her later.. and Dean ended up working overtime that morning. So I was on my own getting things ready and getting out the door. I always hate getting up for this one because we always have to leave sooo early, lol! Anyways... contest went GREAT! Everyone had a good time, as always.. and Dean took 3rd place in his division... and 1st for the whole year. After the contest we headed off to Pam's to get little man. He did great, no surprise. :) We hung out with everyone for a little bit before heading home

Sunday was just an ordinary lazy day around the house. I love those days... you get to really enjoy your life on those slow days.

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