Friday, August 14, 2009

Where I stand....

Ok.. so this is just a venting post... I have some things I need to get off my chest... I don't care to have comments made about this post.. as to either you are with me or again me on any of the below.. and I'm talking about some touchy subjects that I realize and know that everyone WILL NOT agree with me.. and that's fine we're all entitled to have our different opinions and views... that's what makes us us... I have stood by everyone's opinions and not put my input on things I disagree with and I want the same respect... I just need to vent...

First off.. I truely believe the laws we have today do nothing but protect the guilty and do absolutely nothing for the innocent... and I'm not just talking about people.. I'm talking about animals too! We have all these laws about animal abuse but when it comes down to it... there is nothing you can do about it. Yeah.. that makes a lot of sense!!

Second... I think that the way you choose to discipline your child is your decision and you shouldn't always have to hear comments about.. .whether they are made directly or not to you. Whether you choose to spank your child, stand them in a corner or do the whole sticker thing.. that's your decision on the discipline of your child... everyone was raised differently and different things work differently on each child. Personally.. I'm from a home where I received spankings and I plan on doing the same.. and that's MY decision!

I believe that it a mother's choice whether SHE WANTS to breastfeed or not. Everyone can not breastfeed!!! Some babies DO NOT latch!! I'm tired of hearing people say that everyone can do it! That's not true! If you are not comfortable doing it and don't want to do it then there is nothing wrong with giving a baby formula! You shouldn't have to worry about be criticized over it! I do think that when people breastfeed in a public place that they should cover up... here is my reasoning behind that.. not everyone has the same views on breastfeeding.. some see it as a beautiful thing (I see it that way.. it's a great bond between a mother and her child)... but then you have teenagers walking around that see it as a grose thing (they aren't to that maturity level yet)... then you have the perverts that are in the world today that get their rocks off on it (and well we all know that just isn't right!). I just think there are other ways in voicing your opinions on this subject and I realize its a sensitive subject and everyone wants more support for it... and I believe that it should be supported more than it is.. but there is a better way of going about it than just popping your boob out and saying I'm here and you can just deal with it. That's why I believe it's rejected SO much.. is because of the way people are going about doing it... People who breastfeed want the respect of the public but doesn't want to give the public the respect that some people just aren't comfortable seeing it.

I'm tired of feeling like because I raise my child differently than someone else that I'm wrong!!!

Thirdly... I'm just about over all the political BS! Whether you're democrat or republican no one really believes in abortion and if you do then shame on you! I don't believe that one thing should be how you choose what party you are affiliated with. No matter who is in office that will be one thing that unfortunately I truely believe will never change.. they're are too many for it that won't vote to ban it. I'm over hearing about Palin and I'm over hearing about Obama.. he's our president for the next 4 years.. there is nothing anyone can do.. so deal with.. and let's see what happens. Everyone doesn't agree on the same things and you can't make everyone 100% happy... I just believe you should make the best of it and stand behind your country.

I could go a little deeper in to each of the above but I choose not to really really stir the pot... I just wanted to vent on the things that have been bothering me here lately.. I hope my crappy mood goes away once I have vented about what has got me all jacked up these days. There are of course a few other things under my skin... but at this time I'm choosing not to go there. I just hate when people ask for your respect on their decisions and you stand by them... but they don't want to return the favor.

If I have hurt or offended anyone with this post.. I apologize... but... I'm over people's opinions and all the BS... I'm over trying not to step on people's toes while no one thinks of mine... and THIS IS WHERE I STAND!

OH!!! and if VW's vehicle admin screws up another paycheck of Dean's I'm going to have someone's head!! It's hard enough with one check coming in.. .much less when they decide not to give him one or almost not one at all! Times are hard right now... don't people know better than to screw with people's money?!?! Oh.. wait.. they know better they just don't care because they got their check!!! GRR!!

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Kristy Starling said...

Good for you, glad you were able to vent.