Saturday, June 23, 2012

Wasted Saturday

So I brought the boat back to the dealer in Orlando on Tuesday so that they could buff it out, put the new decals on, new skins on the seats and a few other things that they needed to check out.

We headed down around noon so that we didn't get there to early since it wouldn't be ready till the afternoon. Zane stayed home and hung out with Parks and Drayvn while Peyton and Bailey went out with us. We got there and they only had one side of the decal done and were about half way on the second. Though they had almost everything else to do and they were suppose to be done in about 2 hours. So after going over what they had left to do we headed out to do a little shopping.

At about 4:00 when the boat should have been completely finished we get a call from the owner saying they had found a problem that they didn't feel comfortable sending us home with so they would have it fixed and would deliver it to us on Tues. So, back home we headed.... what a wasted Saturday!

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