Monday, June 11, 2012

Manic Monday

So I hung out with the kids this morning before Aunt Kim arrived to hang out with Zane for the day. On their agenda was swimming and a movie... then they were off to play with Granny for a bit.

I on the other hand had a couple of things to do ... I bought these awesome tables for our family room that I needed to go and get and then Dean sent me to go look at puppies {that I SWORE we were NOT getting!!! but after Dean promising Zane a puppy and him asking about it... well they had me!} So off Peyton, Melissa and I were to get everything done.

Our coffee table and end tables for the new family room!

Our newest additions.. Emma and Zoey!

Once back I had a killer headache so I laid down a bit to try and get rid of it... it disappeared so Melissa and I jumped in the pool since Peyton was napping. Then of course... a storm rolled in. Dean got home a little later and he finished ripping out the cabinets in the kitchen.

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