Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another Busy Day

Cabinet install day is HERE!! YAY!!! {I'll have before and after pics once it's all done} I was up at 7am today for the install guy... and boy is that super EARLY when you've been out of that habit for YEARS! I better get use to it if Zane's going to start school in the fall though!

The plumbers were next to show up today and they finished up the plumbing in the addition. Our awesome contractor was next and gave me an update as to where we were on the addition and then we discussed the removal of the fireplace for our french doors in the living room. We then discussed the deck that will be off the back and around the pool. Tonight calls for Dean finishing up ripping the bar out so those cabinets can be placed in tom and I'm off to pick out our counter tops!! 50 things at once or nothing!! haha!!

OH! and Zane seen the puppies for the first time this morning!! he LOVES them "Momma, there so cuuuute!"

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