Sunday, June 10, 2012

What a Day!!

This has been like any other weekend that Dean has drill... Today was a little different though. This morning we were up early since our cabinet guy was coming out to inspect everything so that we could start to have them installed this week. Then it was off to Target for a couple of things and back home to swim in the pool {That is FINALLY finished!!} that Zane has been dreaming about! After swimming for a while clouds started rolling in so against what Zane though out of the pool it was. Zane went down for a nap and that was the end to our normal day.

I had went outside to see what Curt and Mary were up to and Watson as usual was trying to escape his pen. While I was outside he had managed to get his head stuck on the chain between the gate and the fence that locks them together and began thrashing around. I ran across the yard to get to him and get him calmed and un-stuck. After getting him out I checked him over and got him calmed down before heading back inside. While inside there was a knock at the door and Curt and Mary told me there was something going on with Watson. He had laid down for a bit and then got up and began pacing the length of his pen before his legs giving out... by the time I had got to the pen he was having a time trying to sit up laying down and was collapsing. My first thought was maybe he had been bit by a snake and so I checked him over... nothing! He then go so that he was coming laying down and couldn't move and we had to move him because of where/how he was laying. I then called TWO emergency vets and Dean. One of them did call back after what was prob only minutes but felt like much much longer. After speaking with him and telling him that we thought he had broken his neck he told us that wasn't a possibility because he would have died instantly. He told us to just give him a bit he was prob hurt and just in shock. He was a few hours away and couldn't get out here asap. While I completely disagreed and still believed his neck was broke, I agreed. I called Dean back to give him an update and told him he needed to hurry and get home because it looked like Watson was fading fast on us despite what the vet said. Not long after Dean had gotten home and had a chance to pet him and talk to him Watson pasted.

All I could think about was telling Zane and I wasn't going to be the one to tell him... after all I told him about Grandpa. Dean told him that afternoon after he had gotten up from his nap and he had asked where Watson was. Dean told him that he had got badly hurt in his pen and he had to go see Jesus so he could feel better. Dean told him that Grandpa would watch out for him for us and take care of him. He was so sad and was asking if he would be able to come back after a little while and that he really missed his puppy.

Later that night Dean and I started ripping the kitchen cabinets out!! YAY!!!

It's def been an unbelievable afternoon.. I'm still having problems wrapping my head around it. And then of course it brings me back to the loss of dad... so it's been an emotional afternoon at the Bare house. Rip Watson.. you were a great little dog who will be missed. {2007-2012}

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