Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Return to Magic Kingdom

So I had to take the boat down to Orlando for it to get it's "pick me up" so I thought why not make a couple of days of Disney?!?! Melissa come with us so she could help me out with the kids. Zane didn't know about the whole Disney trip, he was just told that we had to drop off the boat for daddy. So he was surprised and so excited when we passed through the disney sign. "We're going to DISNEY!?!?!?!?! I want to ride the buses, splash mountain, race cars, dumbo... are we really going!?!?!" Haha.. LOVE that little boy!! We check in our room, had Zane and Peyton drawn as cartoon characters, ate dinner and then headed off to Magic Kingdom. We rode Dumbo {while watching fireworks!!}, Goofy's roller coaster, checked out the new Casey Jr splash area, teacups {Peyton and I got sick}, splash mountain, the fastest choo-choo and pirates before the park closed down for the night. Zane didn't want to go back to our room.. he wanted MORE rides!

Here are a few pics from my phone....

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