Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stormy Day

So today's forecast isn't looking so hot.... On top of Peyton not sleeping last night and Zane waking up super sick sounding. Our original plan was to hit up Animal Kingdom but I would have hated to get stuck in the bad weather there while waiting on a bus to get back on top of it. So a day just playing around is what the doctor ordered. We took our time just hanging out in the room, the breakfast and we drove to downtown just in case we needed a quick get-a-way, ha! Had so much fun checking out all the little stores, riding the train, taking the time to really look at things instead of rushing through, and then eating at T-Rex! T-Rex is without a doubt our favorite restaurant downtown. After that I had to make a Target run {I just can't go any where without a little Target thrown in, haha!}, I really did need to get some meds for Zane, though I must admit that's not all I walked out with!! The kids along with Melissa and I were pretty pooped so back to our room when went and called it an early night.

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