Monday, January 28, 2013

Another Zoo

Today the kids and I headed to the Oklahoma City Zoo.  I was excited after going through their website and looking at pics and reviewing what there was and what not.  On top of the fact that they're doing FREE monday's through sometime in Feb.  I was throughly disappointed once we arrived.  They has posted what rides would be open and most where closed but I figured we could just do what was open.. NOT!  The only thing that ended up being open was the carousel.  The animals were suppose to be out if the temperature was over 55.. it was 72 today and the only animals that were out for us to see were elephants {who actually looked sickly},   monkeys, a lion and the giraffes.. which they closed the feeding for today.  The birds that were indoors were also cooped with the rhinos, which were literally panting because they had the heat CRANKED!  I didn't know if I was going to pass out from the heat or the stink first.  And if that all wasn't enough.. it was filthy!!!  There was trash everywhere!  I have to admit... I'm glad it was free because the only thing that we benefited from visiting the zoo was the exercise we got from walking all the hills.  Throughly disappointed with this zoo!  And the fact that we drove two and half hours and paid at least $10 in toll fees.  Ugh!

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