Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Momma Day

So today was Momma's Day ALONE!!!  Ahhh!! Sweet relief!  Ha!  I love my kids don't get me wrong, but we all need a little time apart!  So this morning while Aunt Kim was dealing with breakfast, getting the kids dressed and all the fun that comes with a morning routine here... I was getting ready to head out!  And of course when saying goodbyes to the kids and giving kisses and hugs Zane says "but momma, I'm really going to miss you!!"  HA!  I told him I would miss him too, but we all need a little time apart too.  I went and had my nails painted, ate Longhorn with no distractions, did a little me shopping, a little house shopping and some looking {and shopping} for Peyton's birthday party.  Then because we have AMAZINGLY AWESOME friends.. Aunt Kim joined me at a movie... Breaking Dawn part 2 to be exact!!!  I've been waiting patiently to see this movie since it came out in November!  So excited to mark that off my list!!   Oh... and on the way home, did some grocery shopping ALONE!  oh yeah! a day in the life!

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