Monday, January 28, 2013

Remembering Daddy....

I know I'll never forget my daddy but here are just a few pics from the last year with him...  Still can't believe that 11pm on this very night last year I got the call that he was gone.  I remember my visit with him as well as family that day.   It was also the day that we let Zane record a message saying good bye to Grandpa because we didn't want him to see him in the state he was in and remember him that way.  We just wanted him to remember Grandpa playing trains with him.. chasing him and Bayley around in the house... playing outside with the four wheeler, his little car, kites...  His message to Grandpa.. "We'll be ok Grandpa, I love you, go be with Jesus."   We had explained our very best to him that Grandpa was very very sick and the drs couldn't fix him.  That the only way for Grandpa to feel good again and not be sick was for him to go to heaven and let Jesus heal him.  And when he did leave that we wouldn't get to see him again till it was our turn for heaven.   Zane still asks about him and he every once in a while will tell a total stranger that Grandpa is in heaven and he really misses him.  On one hand it completely breaks my heart.... on the other I'm beyond happy that he still remembers him.  I will never be able to thank my dad enough for everything he did and still has done for me... and for us.  I'm so glad I got to tell him that.

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