Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Weekend

I took this weekend off and we actually had planned on heading down to Disney Friday night for the weekend... buuuutttt... Dean didn't book our room in advance like I suggested so no Disney this weekend for us.. but we did have a great time at home :)

Saturday we actually went and got a bike for Dean that we found on Craigslist... and then spent the afternoon getting a seat and helmet for Zane.. and putting it together, lol!

Sunday.. well we ended up missing church yet again because I managed to set every clock forward EXCEPT the bedroom ones!! What a ding dong! lol! Since it was so pretty out we decided to break out Zane's kite and go fly it... hahaha.. it was a good time for sure :) then once we got tired of running just to make the kite fly we let Zane play around in the yard with his toys.. and even play in the dirt some....


AmyT said...

looks like fun..I haven't flown a kite in forever!

Abbi said...

sounds like a fun weekend with the family!
zane is getting so big! he's a doll!