Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patty's Day!

*UPDATE* ok.. so I"m not going to steal pics this time, lol.. so go check out Deanna's blog and see her St Patty's day pics from the party :)

Today we headed over to cousin's Kate and Gabe's to join in on their St Patty's day celebration.. with Green Food in tow :) We had a BLAST!! There were so many different green foods.. and a scavenger hunt!! Thanks Kate and Gabe for inviting us over.. hope to see you guys again soon! I didn't manage to snag a pic of the green food or many pics for that matter... I'll be stealing some from Deanna when she's posts, lol! But for now... here are some that I did manage to grab...

This is the hallway leading to the kids rooms... (Deanna's SUPER creative!!)

One of the clues in the scavenger hunt...

My "Handsome Irish Boy" lol!

Our own personal "Pot of Gold Under the Rainbow".. (Told you she was good!)

The ONLY food pick I got... "Taste the Rainbow" :)

Me and Little Man..

Ok.. so in keeping with the theme of St Patty's day.. I decided to turn dinner green, hahaha.. I should have had my camera ready when Dean came home and seen what I was making!!!! Priceless!!! Anyways.. here's our Green Dinner.... Turkey, Zucchini, Spinach, Eggs and Dried Onion Soup.. on a bed of Spinach with Feta Cheese :) It doesn't look so hot, but it was actually REALLY good!!

This is how we know it's bedtime at our house (which is always between 8 and 8:30, lol)...
Zane wants to come and sit and lay with us on the couch... with his night night toys..

This isn't necessarily a bedtime thing.. but he really likes to "hide" in this corner and I haven't managed a pic till now, lol!

Happy St Patty's Day Everyone!!!!


AmyT said... the footprints!

Kate & Gabe said...

Thanks for coming over! We love having little cousin Zane over to play!!! And it's always great seeing you too Jaime. ;)