Friday, March 12, 2010


Ahh... Friday!

Zane and I were suppose to head out to one of our playdates in Jacksonville this morning, and well, we didn't make it. It turned into a stay at home day :) We watched Disney movies ALL day!

Zane was into the movie before I started snapping pics.. then he felt the need to ham it up for a few pics :)

I made something new from our diet today... a Strawberry smoothie. It's made with plain yogurt, strawberries and ice... pretty good.. going to have to add more fruit next time though, lol!

Tonight for dinner we had Chicken Wraps.... Chicken, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Spinach, Onions, Mushrooms and Tomato. They were SO good!!!

After dinner we went out on a little adventure, lol! We were suppose to be heading down to Disney tonight but after finding out that they were pretty much completely booked for the weekend we decided to make some other plans. After a little thought we decided that Sat morning we wanted to go bike riding.. it's been a while and we loved it when we use to go. So we headed to Walmart to get a helmet and seat for Zane for my bike. We also went to get tires for the 2 bikes too. We got home and took the tires off to find that we forgot to get tubes for the tires, duh! Then we get to looking at the condition of the rims and decide that we best not put new tubes in that we'd need to get some new rims. So needless to say we'll be bringing the tires back and searching for new bikes :( No bike ride for us tom.... But that's ok... we still have the boat! lol!

OHHH!!!! and this is too funny!! When we came out of Walmart tonight it was raining so Dean decided that he would go and get the car and bring it around to Zane and I. Well.. he walked around in the parking lot, in the rain, lol for at least 15 min before he found the car.. I was cracking up!! and then I couldn't quit giggling once I got into the car.. he didn't think it was as funny as I did.. but did crack a smile :) That seriously made my day....

and one last thing... here is a more up to date pic of Bayley and Bella :)

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AmyT said...

he is so flipping CUTE!!! those wraps look so good - I've been eating a lot of wraps - I also like the thin sandwich rounds - soooo yummy!!! I'm also going to have to try out that biggest loser for the wii - Jillian so rocks! (but she also scares me!)