Saturday, March 6, 2010

What a Weekend

This weekend was pretty jammed packed!

Saturday... Dean and I were up at 5:45 to head out for the first wakeboard contest of the year.. and it was COLD!! We left the house about 6:30 and dropped little man off with Aunt Kim and Granny for the day. We then headed to Palatka. This was our first contest here and we were Super excited! Palatka actually contacted Andy (All Wet Sports) about having a contest at their annual Azalea Festival. It turned out GREAT! Everyone had a good time as always.. and we actually finished up by 3:00!!

We had planned on just heading home since we'd been up so early but then Kim and I talked and well since we got done early and her afternoon plans got re-scheduled we decided to move our Alice in Wonderland movie date to Sat night instead of Sunday night. So off to the movies we went. We went ahead and bought our tickets for the 3d show and then headed off to Cami Cakes (NEVER had a cup cake from their.. and OH MY!!! it was SOO good!!) We were going to get some dinner but decided to play it safe and just eat dinner after the movie. and the movie was GREAT!! not what I was expecting.. but it was really really good! I was expecting a remake of the original and it's actually more of a sequel.... for those of you planning to see it, lol! So after the movie... Mellow Mushroom!!! Mmmm!!! Sooo good!! Yeh, I know.. not on the diet.. I'll be updating on that SOON! (it's all good!)

Sunday... Today Zane and I woke up well.. in a bit of a crabby mood, so no church for us this morning :( However I did go to meet with Pam and Jim for Maternity pics!!! We had a lot of fun in St Augustine... and then dinner at the Mill House... with a great view too!

Dean informed me that while I was gone Zane actually brought two of his little books out of his room and he and Zane went through them. He was able to tell Dean the color of everything he asking him without Dean prompting him with the answer. And then after closing the Finding Nemo book Zane pointed the from and said "Nemo!" I'm constantly impressed with him.. I can't believe he's growing up So fast!

My weekend was super packed with a lot of fun... Hope everyone else's was great too!!

Here are a FEW pics :)

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