Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weekend Wrap up

This weekend has been full to say the least. I was busy Sat with 2 family sessions. Sat night Dean and I were up with little man at least once an hour if not more with him screaming bloody murder. Called the doctor first thing Sunday morning and they got us in.. looked him over and said that it was teething... just give him Children's Motrin to ease the pain and call them if we needed them. Ok.. he has 2 molars coming in.. that sounds about right.. though something was telling me it was an ear infection that Dean and I both thought he had... but they checked both ears and in the doctors words.. "They look GREAT!" So home we went.

Monday was a ROUGH day to say the least.. by that night Zane was running a 103.9 fever.. totally freaked us out.. called the doctor again.. she told me to give him the motrin and check him in an hour... if it comes down try to make it through the night and come in first thing tom. well I didn't wait the hour.. checked him 30 min later and no change... so since we live an hour from the hospital we started getting everything ready so we could head out. Well as we were getting ready to head out we both felt Zane and thought he all of a sudden was WAY cooler.. checked his temp and sure enough... 101.9! So we put him to bed and I was up every little bit with him that night.

Tuesday... I called the doctor this morning.. .little man's temp was back up... once we got in and seen the doctor.. Full Blown Ear Infection!!! UHH!! Do you know how mad I was?!?! I mean I was in 2 days before telling them that I was almost 100% sure it was the start of an ear infection.. but nope.. I don't know what I'm talking about. Doesn't that just make you so mad? Like you don't know your kid...

Anyways.. a little more than a weekend wrap up.. but that what we've been up to the past couple of days... no sleep with a sick little boy....

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