Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Time with the Johnson's

Monday... Today Zane and I headed to the zoo with Kristi, Donald and their two boys, Austin and Luke. We had a lot of fun just getting to hang out and play on the playground. I'm so glad that they are back from Texas... just wish we got to hang out more, but we both have schedules that don't always match up :) I did have my camera with me today but didn't manage to break it out.... Promise to get some pics of our friends soon, lol!

Tuesday... Today Dean had half a day at work so we had planned to make a day and do something.. we actually made plans to hang out with Donald, Kristi and the boys again.. this time in St Augustine. Didn't manage to grab any pics this time of our friends either, lol, I promise they do exist! We walked up and down George street and then went to the fort to let the kids stretch their legs a bit and ended our day at Cracker Barrel :)

We certainly had a lot of fun!!! Thanks guys for a Great time!

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