Sunday, December 21, 2008

Catching up...

Ok... so I've been so horrible this week about posting and taking pics :( I've been trying to get some Christmas shopping done, which is so unusual! I'm usually done before Thanksgiving.... and now I remember why! We're still waiting on the arrival of Mr Gavin... seems he's going to be fashionably late! :) Can't wait to meet you Gavin!

Let's see... Thursday Zane's birth announcement was in the paper!! Here it is..

Friday we had an appointment for Zane's hip ultrasound. Breech baby's have to have ultrasounds to make sure they aren't having any problems with their hips. He screamed almost the entire time! We won't have the results for about week, but the ped thinks everything is fine.

Yesterday Zane sat up on his own!!! It was only for a few seconds, but he still did it! I was laying on the couch with my knees up and him leaning back against them, when he some how pulled himself forward to sit straight up! He sat there like I said for just a few seconds before his little head dropped forward followed by his little body... he did it a few more time after that too. I finally finished Christmas cards!!! This is something else usual since I'm usually mailing them the day after Thanksgiving.

This morning Zane was just cooing and smiling after his bottle. He's starting to have more awake time and is handing out smiles like there nothing. My heart skips a beat every time like it's his first smile. Today was Zane's first time in morning service at church. We went last week to the evening service to see how he would do. Both times he's slept through everything! When we got home from church and eating I starting wrapping Christmas gifts. Bailey was trying to unwrap hers as I was trying to wrap it. Zane rolled over again this morning and then again tonight when I laid him down. We're seriously in trouble with this one! I think that about catches everything up... I promise to take lots of pics this week!!! Oh, and Zane is an official drool box and bubble maker, lol, had to throw that in there too!

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