Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Night Out

So tonight was the first night out without Zane.  I must say it was nice to have a break for a little while. It was def hard leaving him  for the first time, but I knew he was in good hands with his Aunt Kim.  So after a slow start we finally left for Dean's work Christmas party at Dave and Busters.  Dinner was good... we had turkey and dressing, green beans, potatoes and salad.  For dessert I had a piece of carrot cake and Dean had some type of chocolate cake.  They gave the employee's $50 gift cards to Target (yeah.... that's all mine, lol! So thanks VW!) and then they gave each of us $20 cards for Dave and Busters.  We started playing a couple of games here and there but nothing really caught our attention... until NASCAR!!!  This game completely kicked butt!!  We had I think at one point 9 VW employees standing there taking turns playing and shouting at the screen! lol! I beat Dean twice and then three of us girls teamed up against him.... ofcourse the guys were teasing him that he couldn't lose to 3 girls.... well at the last second Dean passed all three of us!  Then I beat him 2 additional times! haha! Oh and I haven't mentioned the little boy (he looked about 9 or so) that was totally kicking our butts!  He got 1st place EVERY time! He was soo cute though... yelling at the screen and then grinning from ear to ear as he looked at his daddy!  So anyways... we decided that at 9pm we were ready to get home and see our little man and headed out.  I hope we'll go back soon though... I think I'm addicted to that game now... I even joked with Dean about getting a couple for the house!  

Here are some pictures from tonight..... 

Mommy and Daddy before leaving

Zane, Aunt Kim and Bailey before we left

Zane waving bye bye to Mommy and Daddy, haha!

When we got home little man was tuckered out

Some of Kim's pics.....

Aunt Kim and Zane

haha!  Gotta love this face!

Notice Bailey snoozin at Kim's feet.

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