Monday, December 22, 2008

Gingerbread House....

So tonight we decided to make a gingerbread house. Well... I ended up making it while Dean sat on the couch and Zane was sleeping. I did get Dean to participate a little and take some pics (he was giving Bailey modeling sessions!).... lol, it was fun! Bailey was actually playing the guitar (seriously) making some music while we decorated. Maybe next year I'll get some real help though :) Here are some pics from tonight...

all the pieces for the house

just getting started

Dean adding the roof

Adjusting the roof

Mine and Bailey's modeling session courtesy of Dean... see even Bailey thinks he's crazy (lol)

Zane snoozin'

Dean looking at a wakeboard mag.

Bailey and the guitar

Dean decorating a little

our finished Gingerbread House


Darlene said...

yours turned out soooo good! We did one last year, eh, not so great...hence why there isn't one this year!

Friday said...

Jamie ... I'm Friday, Candy's friend. Many of us are on pins and needles and haven't heard a peep from Candy in a couple of days. When she goes into labor would you tag her blog so we'll know? I know you just had a precious baby yourself so of course we don't expect anything but would appreciate it.

Hope you and yours are doing well and enjoying Christmas with your wee one. :)

Friday said...

Jamie thank you SO very much for tagging me with an update. You're a doll!