Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meeting Santa.... and a little more

Today Zane met Santa!  I'm so excited... We finally got to walk through the line to meet him.  I was always scared when I was little and then I've been trying to get Dean to go and take a pic with me since we've been dating... but Dean isn't a big kid like me in that area.  Although I thought about jumping in the pic with Zane I let him do it alone.  So here is Zane's first picture with the big man at 3 weeks and 1 day.
In other news... I was so excited to go shopping today since all I've been able to buy in the past 9 months is maternity clothes... I was so excited about getting to shop in the normal section again even though it was just for one outfit.  Well, needless to say that joy didn't last long at all and by the end of the day I was ready to cry.  I've always had a problem finding jeans because of my rear end but I was feeling quite confident when I left our house this afternoon that I wouldn't have a problem finding jeans.  I mean, my pre-pregnancy jeans were to loose in the butt now and I'm under my pre-pregnancy weight... it had to be easier.  Well store after store I was proved wrong.  I know it's only been 3 weeks but I'm seriously having issues with this.  I think what makes it worse it that I'm still not cleared to go and workout just yet... just walking.  BOO!!  Anyways... I just had to vent about that although I did wind up coming home with a pair of jeans.  

On another note... we've had a constipated baby for almost the past week. We've been doing stuff that we've researched on the internet and he's pooped here and there, but it's just not regular.  So tonight I decided to change his formula to see if that would help.. it's really the only thing we haven't tried just yet.  

OHHH!!  and a funny funny story!  I can't believe I almost forgot!  So at the mall tonight while I was trying on jeans Zane decided to leave a present and Dean decided that it was my little gift.  So off to the bathroom we went.  Well.... it was full and about to over flow. About the time that I almost had him clean and ready to go he decided that he was going to pee on me!  Well I was missed but he tagged the whole side of the diaper bag!!!  Good thing I had bought another one tonight... apparently he hated that bag as much as I did!! hahaha!

We finally got the time to go and spent some time with Aunt Candy and Uncle Matt on Friday night after picking up Zane's pictures.  He was such a little wiggle worm... it was funny.  It still amazes me that he moves as much as he does at only 3 weeks.. well at that time 2 1/2!!  I can't wait to meet Mr Gavin.  Only 6 days till his due date... it's just a waiting game at this point.  I'm so excited to receive that 3am call!!! (May not be so happy when the phone rings (LOL) but when I hear he's on his way I'm sure that will all change!) 

Oh and speaking of my little wiggle worm, something else he did.... this morning he was in his crib and was laying horizontal in the middle of the crib... when I went to get him a couple hours later he had managed to scoot his self vertically to the head of the crib!!  He's seriously on the move all the time... we're in trouble! lol!

Umm... it's actually been pretty quiet around our house this week.   Zane had a doctor's appt on Mon that went great and that's really been about it.  He has another doctor's appt tom to re-do his hearing test on his left ear.  So that's pretty much it for around here.  Hope everyone is well!!


Mrs. Bell said...

Hey love.. He looks soo cute in that pic.. I need to see him again.. I hate how busy my life has been lately.. I miss yall =(

And about the jeans,, dont let it get to you,, your a HOTTTTT mommy!! =)

Have a good day!!

Mel said...

don't forget to try stimulating with the thermometer if you haven't tried yet. i would say try prunes or prunce juice but he is still too young.