Monday, April 25, 2011

A little update

So this morning was yet another 6:30 morning.. and by 8am I was on the phone with doctor and telling Dean to go ahead and head home {again!} I talked to the nurse and when I told her what all was going on she asked if I had had breakfast yet, told her no, and then she said well don't eat just in case we take her and get her asap. By 9:30 we were headed to the dr... we dropped Zane off about 10 to stay with Aunt Kim just in case. By 11 we were in the dr office in the back on a monitor.. and Peyton HATES that thing! lol! Every time the nurse would find her heartbeat and strap the monitor to my belly she would sink into my stomach and they'd lose her heartbeat till they unhooked the strap. The poor nurse ended up having to sit there the whole time and just hold the monitor so that we could get her on the monitor, haha! The monitor showed LOTS of activity... but it's not enough to take her. After being told that I'm not on strict bed rest but I'm not to be doing anything I don't need to do {aka, vacuuming, laundry, dishes, lol}, home we went... :( 10 days to go!!

We called Kim to give her an update and to let her know we were headed home and she was on the way to the movies with Zane to see Rio, lol! So Aunt Kim and Zane headed to the movies and Dean and I headed home. I laid down once we got home and took a nap, woke up still hurting but feeling a little better. Kim and Zane got home about 5ish and played in his room for a while. Then he heard grandpa crank up the 4-wheeler and outside we went! Grandpa took him for a ride around the property and when they got back we broke out Lighting and Zane drove him around for a little bit. Then after asking SEVERAL times, lol, Grandpa rode his 4-wheeler around with Zane driving Lighting.. he was so tickled that Grandpa was "chasing" him! hehe! We let him play outside till Lighting was completely out of gas and had to be pushed to the shop. Then it was inside for dinner, bath and a little play time before bed.

Movies with Aunt Kim...

Playing with Grandpa...

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