Thursday, April 21, 2011

37 weeks

So the misery is def starting to kick into high gear, lol! I'll get to that in a min.. I also had a bit of nesting hit, haha! Wed night I cleaned almost the whole laundry room.. aka the "catch all room". It was bad, let's just leave it at that! Thurs morning I woke up to really bad cramping and Braxton Hicks. Went ahead and called the dr because I wasn't sure exactly what was going on... She called back and explained that it sounded like I was getting ready for labor.. to just watch for the contractions to get closer and a little more stable and to call back if anything changed or if I felt like I needed to come in, even if it was to make me a little more comfortable. Well... I sat around pretty much all day and took it easy.. but knowing the back room wasn't quite done was driving me nuts... so little by little I finished the back room and laundry... WAY more than I should have been doing!! Then that night ended up finishing up all the last min stuff in Peyton's room, ha! So we're now on baby watch.. I'm in one sense hoping she comes early.. just to get her here and move to the next step of pain, haha! on the other hand, I def want her to wait till May 5 because everything just works out SO perfect! Either way.. it's all in God's timing :)

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