Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just some here and theres

Monday.... Dean had half a day.. we were going to do maternity pics but I decided that I still had a few too many BIG items for Peyton to get with time ticking so close so we headed off to get the double stroller that we still had to get, lol! I had a 20% off coupon that helped save us $60! I couldn't let that thing expire!

Tues.... Zane discovered the stroller and decided to break it in before we headed out to my dr appt. {as well as Peyton's seat from the shower, lol!!} I found the weight I lost from being sick last week {I think that's all thanks to my shower! lol! The cupcakes were SO good!} I'm now only 1 lb down from my pre-pregnancy weight. Everything is looking good, measuring right on where I should be. Now on to the bold decision I made today.. I've been having doubts about the dr I chose and booked my c-section with.. and after not being to get my appt with her for two in a row {and being relieved} I decided that it WAS the right decision to switch drs. So.. with only 4.5 weeks remaining and a c-section already booked, I have my appt next week with the dr I'm wanting to switch to and hoping that he had time in his schedule to book my c-section. I feel beyond confident in this decision. Now to just pray it all works out :)

Wed... Dean took my car to work so that it could have it's inspection so that I can get my van!!! YAY!!! I can't explain how happy I will be to have a van again! And the fun news for today.... I got Peyton's wall letters for her room!! I absolutely LOVE them!!! They couldn't be more perfect!

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