Monday, April 18, 2011


Good grief at the crazy hormones this go around!! And I think.. KNOW.. they're getting worse as we get closer!! :( Sorry Dean! This weekend was horrible anything and everything that we had planned went down the tube... along with both of our attitudes... guess we're doing pretty good if this is the only real melt down weekend we've had, lol!

Let's see... what else... Oh... Zane has hit yet another growth spurt! Goodness are we in trouble. We thought that maybe what was going on with so much sleeping {most morning we sleep till 11 and I'm LOVING it! lol!} and eating, but with the length disappearing on his shirts and shorts we're now certain he's growing more... 5t's here we come! {granted I'm going to try my best to get at least another month if not two out of the 4t's I JUST bought!!!}

Here are a few pics {off our phones of course, lol!} from our weekend :)

Zane was talking to Peyton....

This was just before bedtime on Sunday... and just after he was talking to Peyton about coming out to play and then strictly pointed to my stomach and said "Get Out"

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