Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mid Year Goals

Happy Half Year!!! Ok.. so because I was pregnant at the beginning of the year I just didn't make any resolutions since I knew there were be so many that just weren't possible. That been said it allowed me to have 5 months to really see what I would like to accomplish this year besides a growing family. That being said... Peyton is only 2 weeks away and it's time to start laying out a plan and finding a way to make it work.

Please know these are in NO particular order!!

1} Exercise! I of course like most want to loose weight. I'll not only be starting just just being fat, but adding baby fat to that lose as well. I basically have 8 weeks to find a rountine, set it up and get it ready to try in 8 weeks. {6 weeks to recovery for a c-section}. Those trials with include... P90X {which I can't WAIT to get start back at}, I would like to take a another try at running {using the couch to 10k routine}, Dean and I have talked about me possibly doing some boxes classes, cycling {whether it be in a club or a equipment purchase on our end}

2} CHURCH! This one has been weigh a bit heavy I think on Dean and I both. I absolutely LOVE our church since I've been going there since I was about 15... but much admit I do feel like I just don't quite belong anyone, and I hate that feeling :( I want to find a church that not only Dean and I are happy in but Zane and Peyton will be happy and learning in. Still praying on this one and figure out some answers, I do believe trying out some new and old churchs are in the process....

3}Eating Habits! Our eating habits around here HAVE to come back to what they once were.... Organic! We all felt better, better attitudes, and it helped with our weight lose! Not to mention the medical effects it had as well.

4} Photography! Thought at this time re-opening isn't even a part of the plan doesn't mean that I want to stop want I'm doing. I really enjoy photography, but the grummpies of the industry and my pregnant got the best of me and I decided to close up {and I still think that was a good decision}. I want to find the money to take workshops with other photographers, do research, do shoots off what I find and want to try... do things that I felt I didn't have the time to do because of the pressure that I needed to get in this quickly because we needed the income and just learn as I go {I HATED that!!!}

5}SCHOOL! I want to finish up my AA so that I can go on to continue my BA in Accounting in order to pull the other half of the income that I know we both feel we are lacking. I'm not talking me go in full force with a full load.. it's been a while! lol! But I do want to be finishing up about the time Peyton is starting to get into school... so there is no real gap.

6} Be A Better Cook! I'm so over week after week... eating the same ole same ole. :( It's get super boring really quick! And I'm not just talking dinner, I'm talking breakfast, lunch and snack... healthy and organic!!

7} Take a Cake Class {or two!} I can't explain how badly I want to do this!! lol! I want to be able to make my kids cakes, any cakes family needs, just for fun cakes.. you name it! And while we're on the subject of this class I want to take a sewing class too! lol! Being that we'll be having a little girl soon I'm hoping to save some money that way too! haha!

8}COUPONING!!! I have Extreme Couponing Fever! These shows make me CRAZY trying to figure out how they do it {besides the fact they obviously have more time than I do, lol!!} I have been able to do some and get some stuff for FREE or just about... but I'm slacked off the last month or so to concentrate on getting the house ready and things ready for Peyton.

9} Fashion! lol, ok... this one is a bit out there for me... I just want to be a little more fashion forward. Meaning that I want to look good... not always in a frumpy outfit... I want to feel good about me working out and loosing weight and it show through my clothes too, lol! Does that make sense... I mean I obviously am not going to go out and just by the most expensive clothes and shoes that I can... I just want to look as good as I feel :)

10} Be more crafty!! I want to learn how to be crafty on a budget... whether its decorating our home, planning a party... I want it to look like I spent a million dollars yet spent pennies.

These are just a VERY few of the things I've been thinking about lately... I just want to be in a better place, personal, in my marriage, as a parent, in my walk with God.. EVERYTHING!!!

What are some of everyone else's goals!?!?!

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