Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Well.. another wake up call this morning for me at 6:30! lol! We had talked about making it to sunrise service at church which started at 8.. and well I was obviously up for it, but I also had Dean up till at least 3am with me hurting too, so needless to say Dean slept for a bit longer while I got up and starting moving around and making sure everything was ready to go for later that day and ate breakfast. I got Dean up a little after 8:30 so that he could start getting ready and then Zane was up about 8:45. We all got ready and was out the door by 10:15 for church! YAY! Now.. the issue at hand, the last time we were at church it got so hot in there that I got sick and we left only about 20 min into the service.. so I was hoping they'd have that thing cranking this morning and thankfully they did and we make it through the entire service, I was beyond happy!! Zane had fun playing with all his friends he hadn't seen in a while and hunting eggs!

After church we headed back to our house to get the eggs, camera and our change of clothes {since we hadn't taken pics yet} and headed to St Mary's for Easter with Dean's family. We went and ate at Aunt Bee's this year instead of everyone cooking. At first it looked like we'd be waiting a while, but by the time we all got there people had cleared out and we had NO problem getting a table for the 14 of us!! lol! After finishing up lunch we headed back to Aunt Vicki and Uncle Paul's to hunt eggs.. but not before a few family pics! After hunting eggs the kids looked through the loot of candy and then began playing with cars and the parachuting bunnies they had all gotten. Then before we left they all fed the fish {which were no where to be found, lol} We had such a fun Easter. I'm so thankful to get to spend it with family... now if only mine were closer!

The Easter bunny visited!!

A few of our Family Pics...

A few of the Egg Hunt... {we were missing cousin Hannah today... and I some how missed getting a pic of Kate hunting :/}
{Cousins Kate, Zane and Gabe}


He was all tuckered out after today and fell asleep on the way home {about 6pm} and slept till 8:30 the next morning!

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