Sunday, April 10, 2011


So... the official plans for today were to go to a friends baby shower... well... we are SUPER bad friends... BUT in our defense... we NEVER get a FULL day to ourselves and with Peyton set to arrive in just a few short weeks we just couldn't pass up the opportunity to take advantage of the offer. Kim, Pam and Hannah were at Disney for the weekend and Kim offered to take Zane to Disney for the day... seriously, how could we turn down a day at the hotel pool and Zane a full day at Disney like his been asking for for almost a good two months {pretty much since we left the last time, lol}

Leaving for Disney. He wanted his Mickey ears first thing this morning, though we didn't tell him where we were going... just that we were going to see Aunt Kim... However about half way there he had figured it out and started talking about the buses, rides at Disney and of course Mickey, lol!

A few pics from our relaxing day :)

The tadpoles there where HUGE!!!! You can't even tell how big from the pic, but trust me!

Little man PASTED OUT on the way home....

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