Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Almost there!!!!

With two days to go today was my pre-op dr appt. Dean took half a day since I knew I'd be at the dr for a little while and we both knew Zane was NOT going to sit the whole time while I talked to the dr.

First thing up... Dr Wells! With only three weeks to go when I switched dr's I was a bit hesitant that I had made the right decision but KNEW I was NOT happy with the other dr. Today's appt confirmed that I had indeed made the right decision. I not only love Dr Wells but his nurse is great too! And they LOVE Zane! {but hey, who wouldn't?!?! lol!} Anyways, we went over everything and the order of events for Thurs morning and I found out that they had moved my 12:30 c-section to 9:30!!! Talk about HAPPY!! Whoo Hoo!! I'm sure he thought I was crazy, ha! He def made me feel so much more comfortable about the little things I was worried about and now I'm just pure EXCITED!

Our next stop was with Loretta :) We went over where I would start out, since I'm not the first I won't start off at Labor and Delivery. So we got all the info on where to go, where to park... as well as confirmed the times for Thurs as well as my follow up appts. Signed some papers and we were off to our next stop.

Patient Admin. So I got a nice shocker while signing papers and talking with the girl at Patient Admin. I found out that my original Dr.. Dr Jago, who delivered Zane and who I had planned on delivering Peyton.. but she had left when I was about 10 weeks pregnant {WOW! That has to be my worst run on EVER!} anyways.. I found out that she's working in ST AUGUSTINE!!! I was like WHAT!?!?!? So heartbreaking that I could have had her deliver Peyton. But here we are less than 2 days away.. haha... no way that's happening! Anyways... after more paper work we sat and waited.. then Dean and Zane walked... they made it to the river and back THREE times before I was called back for my blood work.. Exactly what I had been dreading all day.. cried about on the way there, lol, yes.. I'm that big of a baby! I must admit.. she was a good stick, got it on the first try.. but Good Grief was it a rough and stingy stick! But it's all done and now it's just a matter of waiting till Thurs!!! :)

After finishing up at my appt {2 hours later} we decided to take Zane to the park to play a little and visit the ducks....

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